Multiple IP cameras

Hi to all.

I’m trying to process the image of three cameras at the same time.
I would like to ask if anyone has used multiple ip cameras;
Do they work with vvvv;
I’m looking at level one ip cameras. Has anyone work with them;

Thanks in advance


i’ve successfully used the uEye cameras by IDS Imaging. have not tried more than one per pc, but given you have multiple ethernet ports i don’t consider this a general problem.

what you mean with level one ip cams?

Level1 is a company making Hubs/Switches etc and ip network cameras as well.
I saw that uEye cams use Active X. Level1 cams use it as well. Do you think I can use them? (Level1 cams are much cheaper)

One more think: What node do I use do connect the ip cams to vvvv - the usual videoin or something else?


vvvv can typically accesse any video camera, that comes with a wdm-driver (probably that is what you mean with activeX?!), via the videoin node. a quick google didn’t reveal to me if the levelone cameras come with a wdm-driver though…