Multiple images stacks in memory

hello! in my new actual project i need to set in memory a lot of different segmented per directories image stack to call them quickly without freezing vvvv.

What is the best approach to use multiple images stacks ?

1 Stack and get slice node from the file texture, (obviously with all of them going to a quad scaled to 0) I would think?
or Multiple stacks and get slice…
Either way would work, depend on your patch!

hi cat,

first thanks for the teap of quad scale at 0, a good one .
sorry i wans t precise in my question ( shame on me) !

my question was especially for the preloader node. does it have some subtilities to use except the group thing ?

as far as i know, if you use the preloading function of filetexture you can place the preloading one anywhere in the patch, and the ones using the preloaded images just have to have the exact same filename input.
so you can preload all in one place but use the preloaded textures in subpatches.
now you just need enough vram…

hi woei, its just really fine. Does the reload pin is cleaning what is in memory ?
if i want to preload 1 budle of images, then after a while change everything (no more in need of first bundle) to a second bundle of images in memory ?

FileTexture will precache to VRAM
ImageCache (check contributions) will precache to RAM (currently only get 1 slice at a time, all should be same resolution)

hi elliot. Thanks for the ImageCache link. Unfortunately same resolution images is a real problem for me with dealing with multiple little different sized graphics.
But its really nice to know someone is working on the topic ;-)