Multiple Face tracking

Hello at all,
another time here :/
with another question…
is possible track the face of multiple users? I need to track 6-7 users posed in front of a camera like this



check Video Analyis/Tracking for an overview of all Facetracking options in vvvv.

Hola Joreg,
thanks first of all.
I don’t find the xml file…is possible?

I find the xml file in the assets folder of patch made from Prototyping interface…
there’s a lot of line of code :/

what I will implement?


not sure what you mean with “implement”. doesnt the prototyping example show you how to use it?

hello joreg,
I try to open another haar file (downloaded from this but v4 crash every time.

sorry but I don’t understand the configuration in order to track multiple faces.


anything can help me??

you need to get proper face tracker sdk, and ask someone to warp it for u