Multiple delay video effect

Hi folks! I’m a newbie in vvvv and this is my first post.

I’m preparing a interactive dance performance and i’m trying, amongst other things, to achieve this effect:

I’ve been tryin with the texture Queue node and playing with the blend modes… but no getting what I want, which is a solid “multiple delay” (¿?) as in the video.

Thanks in advance!

Here waht I’ve come up to…

myVideoDelay.v4p (12.7 kB)

You are on the right track, you just need to pick the slices you want from the queue now. You can do it by hand on the index of getslice, or just use this.

FrameEcho (Texture).v4p (8.8 kB)

Try this. It depends a bit upon your camera and lighting conditions. I hope they’re pretty stable. Also, the background removal and the blend/alpha mix is gonna be a case of suck it and see.

Hey folks! thanks for the help!
@everyoneishappy’s solution worked pretty much the same as I did… (thanks anyway :) )

@guest solution seemed interesting but I couldn’t find the " | " node (wtf?)
but i gave me the idea of using group and getSlice. So i tried the below patch… it works pretty much as i expect … i guess there must be a simplest way to get multiple slices as i did but avoiding all the mess, right?

anyway… here’s what I’ve come up to… please let me know what you think.

myVideoDelay_2.v4p (32.5 kB)

solution seemed interesting but I couldn’t find the " | " node (wtf?)

Have a look atnode reference

i (spreads)

I simplified your patch a bit, perhaps you need to adjust the camera dimensions and frame rate to match your camera back.

myVideoDelay_2_0-Spread.v4p (16.4 kB)

@noir it was an “i” not an “|” ! Sorry! :P

thanks @sunep for the cleanup! that way it allows to add more delayframes easily!

Thanks folks!