Multiple camera with Render groups and masks


The stride documetation says :

With render groups and render masks, you can choose which parts of your scene are rendered by different cameras. For example, you can have a model be visible to Camera A but invisible to Camera B.

But SceneWindow takes only one camera, is it possible to create groups of entity with SetRenderGroup and have different camera for each group ?

I think this is possible, but you have to build SceneWindow yourself.
This type of settings are in graphics compositor, but i think Scene Window provides precomposed Graphics Compositor setup for you…

I would suggest to set that up in stride, and then to try to reflect setup from stride project…

Building a SceneWindow might be a little to hard for me now but thanks anyway.

I wish to make it dynamics so using Stride Editor isn’t possible in that case.

how do you intend to render the different cameras, different windows, different textures? here are a few help patches to look at:

  • Render a scene multiple times
  • Select What to Render Using Render Groups
  • Render into Multiple Viewports

Well I thought I could render them in the same scene and same windows/texture but from different point of view.

in the end, the view and world matrices get combined into one. if you want a common transform for some entities, you can transform their group, that has the same effect as applying a different view matrix.

if you want to see the same objects multiple times on the screen, then you need to use viewports.

Well how they do that and i mean this:

It is a quote for using Graphics Compositor… And it is not that obvious how to set it up… I had some wonderful time excluding UI from post fx in stride :)…

In your case that would connect this:
To that:
But it needs exact setup you want to make it work, otherwise… It’s really hard to trial and error, unless you are exactly sure what you want to achieve.

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