Multiple bangs for onNext pin in Automata


I’m using the node Automata, and it contains a OnNext pin, which causes it to change state.

My idea is to connect to that pin, several bungs in order to change the automata state.

Simplifying, I want to connect several bangs on the input of a node and on the output trigger a single bang.

I’ve attached a simple example using stallone, but it requiere a slice.

Simple_Bang.v4p (5.9 kB)

If I understand you, OR(Booleen) is what you are looking for.

Simple_Bang-1.v4p (6.1 kB)

I’ve tried that solution, but for any reason the OR output cannot connect to the onNext pin.

the OnNext is just an input pin from your automata code right? Sounds like you might be trying to hook up a feedback loop, in which case you need a framedelay in there.

creating feedback loops