Multiple B-Splines

Hi everybody,

I just can’t figure how to construct curves. As much as I understood, I align lines along B-splines as in the sample patch.

But how do I spread that? Changeing any of the parameters in my patch just elongates one curve. How can I add multiple curves.

Just for you to understand what the whole thing is about. In the end I want to track the contours of an object. I want multiple curves to start along those conturs and end in in one point, in the middle of the object, for example. I can do it wih lines, but if I want those lines to be deformable individually as curves, I’m stuck without you.

Greetings drehwurm

multiple_b-splines.v4p (11.0 kB)

I couldn’t find the forum post, but recently I showed someone else how to spread a b-spline. Hope it helps you a bit.

bspline-1.v4p (17.6 kB)

Thanks to Westbam, I found a solution for my problem. There a few more questions, but they are a different topic, and I’ll open a new thread for them, if neccessary. (39.7 kB)