Multiple Audio Outs

Hi guys,

I’m about to start a small project and now want to find out whether it’s possible to do what I need with vvvv before I run into trouble.

In detail, I need to control the volume of 4 different audio files and send the 4 signals out via an external sound card (Edirol FireWire FA-101).
Can vvvv control/send 4 Audio signals at the same time?

THX in advance for all hints!

Sure, try Filestream (DShow9) or Waveplayer (DShow9) with AudioOut (Dshow9) . But they’re all not spreadable, so you need 4 of them.
A nicer solution would be using a VST Sampler.

Waveplayer (DShow9) is actually spreadable!

Allright, I’ll try that, big THX!

Seems to work in general, but I’m experiencing a problem:

I have two FileStreams open, each streaming a different .WMA file. Each of the FileStreams is connected to one AudioOut. At the two AudioOuts, I have selected Edirol FA-101 Out 1 and Edirol FA-101 Out 2 as drivers.
My external Edirol FA-101 Soundcard is connected to two loudspeakers. Mono Out 1 to the right speaker, and Mono Out 2 to the left speaker.

Now the problem: no matter what I did so far, I was only able to get sound coming out of the right speaker. I switched the Outs for the two FileStreams to check whether both files work properly - they do. The stream connected to Out 1 is the one that plays out of my right speaker…
I also recognized that the control light at the soundcard is only flashing when I connect a stream to Out 1, not when I choose another of the 10 outputs of the soundcard.

Could there be a problem concerning mono/stereo? My loaded files both are stereo and I each stream them to a mono ouput - can I make the stream mono already in vvvv?

Would it be better to move the thread to the hardware section of the forum or can it stay here as well?

Might be possible that your problem is coming from the diferent drivers meaning diferent pairs of outs, not single channels.
As in:
Out 1 = Channels 1&2
Out 2 = Channels 3&4

Just a thought -I’ve used other multichannel Edirol cards where this was the case.

I now tested my vvvv-patch and the soundcard on a PC running native Windows, previously I used my MacBook Pro running Windows which apparently acts different…

Anyway, still there is the unwanted behavior that because my audio files are stereo, for every file I play from vvvv 2 outputs of my soundcard are used.

Is there a way to convert a stereo audio stream to mono within vvvv? Otherwise I would have to convert all my original files to mono before streaming them.

Do you need something that can’t be achieved by using the pan pin? I think all of the nodes mentioned above have one.

everyoneishappy – I think you are absolutely right concerning the Out/Channel behavior. Totally makes sense.

Using pan only turns down or off the left or right channel, do I understand this correctly? I would rather need a true stereo to mono conversion than loosing one channel. But if that’s not possible in vvvv, I’ll simply convert my files before loading them.


your card has native asio driver, so yes, it creates you one device per output (which is mono in asio).

I don’t think pan would work on it (pan on a mono output makes no sense).

You can try this too, should be able to convert your stereo to mono on the fly (Install the dll in the vst folder).