Multichannel audio

hey there!

i’m working on an a/v installation, which should send 3 audio files to 3 different speakers (so that every file has its own speaker). unfortunately, i haven’t managed to address the single speakers via the audio out node, neither via the bass nor the dshow9 one. i use a mobile m-audio interface. does somebody out there has a hint for my little problem? :)

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hello, to route audio to more than 2 channels, your card needs WDM drivers for all outputs. then you can select the output pairs of your card at the driver pin of the AudioOut node like:

sound1: myCard 1+2, pan to left
sound2: myCard 1+2, pan to right
sound3: myCard 3+4, pan to left

it might be possible to use the ASIO driver with the bass nodes, but i dont know how… vux should know that, you can meet him at our irc channel irc://

hi julia,

did you already check the example in the girlpower folder?
it shows how to route different sounds to different speakers with the waveplayer and audioout node.

you’ll find the example in your vvvv folder under :

.\girlpower+ Sound\waveplayer - multichannel.v4p

good luck!


Easy way to do it normally is to use the AudioOut (BassAsio) with the Mixer (Bass). From your card description, seems a native asio one, so you shouldn’t need extra drivers.

  • Do you need to mix multiple files, or just play them as they are?
  • Also are your input files mono or stereo?

If you tell me which formats above, can make you a quick sample patch (shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes).


thanks a lot for your help. i tried to follow your suggestions, but haven’t come to a solution yet… i will try harder. ;)

@ vux: sounds good, that would be great!! the files needn’t be mixed, just played as they are. they can be either mono or stereo, whatever is easier to work with… ;) do you know what format is best to use? wav?

thank you all!

I struggled a little with waveplayer last weeks:
-Best (and only?) format is wave at 44.1khz, mono or stereo.
Mono might be easier to handle and route.
-I’ve seen a limitation up to 1GB of sound files at all.
All sounds will be loaded into ram, it might be a windows limitation.
-No file-change at playing mode, player will crash occasionally.
-Give it time to load your soundfiles, more time as bigger they are.

also have to report that Waveplayer is to buggy. recently tried to output 4 mono-wavefiles, all with the same duration. either didn’t work at all or just randomly. so i had to go back to the conventional, not spreadable Filestream node.


try this one using a mixer.

How many outputs does your sound card have by the way, otherwise can use another technique.

Mixer.v4p (12.4 kB)

since i’m runnning out of time, i had to make a compromise. i didn’t manage to follow your suggestion perfectly, but the result is acceptable. :) thanks for your time, and your valueable help!

all the best, julia