Multi Touch node request

Hi Devvvvs

I have been working with a little multitouch tablet and it is not too easy to get to work.

I have been trying the HID (Devices) to HIDDecode (Devices) but it does not really work very well or intuitively, meaning almost not at all.

Since it seems that windows 7 has a standard way of using multi touch harware, I would like to suggest that a MultiTouch node (or what ever it might end up being called) in the same style as the mouse nodes is added to vvvv.

I can’t imagine I am the only one with such needs


In the meantime you could try this.

Maybe this’ll help some more ;)

Touch2Tuio VVVV (29.0 kB)

Hi Gaz. Thanks for sharing this.

I’ve just tried it with a viewpad 10 with limited success. I got some touch info out of the tuio node but it was massively erratic and never more than one point.

Which devices have you successfully used touch2tuio with?


hmm i quickly hacked something with hid nodes for my fsl979 tablet. and it works perfect. just dualtouch but thats the hardware. i u want to try ill post the patches…

MrBoni, apologies for late reply…

I’ve tested Touch2Tuio effectively on a 3M touch screen, a HP touch monitor, a Displax Touch Skin (although Touch2Tuio seems to struggle with more than two touch input from a Displax) and tested on a Visual Planet touch foil.

I like SuneP’s original idea of Windows Touch event nodes ;)

+1 from me!

Hi Gaz, I’m trying to use Touch2Tuio VVVV pack on a ACER ICON TAB. It seems that touch2tuio is receiving the inputs (lots of xy coordinates are listed in the console. However, the vvvv patch only receives touch information at the moment I touch or remove the finger(s) from the screen. No data is received while fingers moving across the screen. Deactivated the firewall already.
Thanks for any suggestions.

This are two screenshots that hopefully explain the problem more clear:
“Screenshot 1” is showing that touch2tuio is receiving the touch-points (console window). But there are only passed to the UDP node in vvvv at the moment I remove the finger from the screen. At this moment (less than a second), the UPD outputs the string and the TUIODecoder outputs the coordinates (see string and vector I/O Box).

After removing the fingers (Screenshot 2) the console is constantly updating “installed hook for…”
I seems that there is no transmission during the actual touch events.
Any idea?

Hey Tom64,

“Installed hook for…” message is there because it’s a hack, previously you had to start 4v, then start Touch2Tuio, now it doesn’t matter.

Not sure why data stops being transmitted as you move your fingers across the screen. Can your touch device handle a touch and move on the desktop to select more than one folder?

Subscribed to this post now, should be able to respond quicker!

sitting in front of a surface pro with windows 8. unfortunately the old solution doesnt work with this device

the vvvv mouse hook seems to prevent the touch tuio app to work. the readme states, its better to deactivate any mouse hook in the target app. would be nice if there was a commandline option to do so.

vvvv.exe /no-mouse

devs, help …

same issue here as u7angel…any solutions?

anybody up for sponsoring?

Dear Devvvs, would be SOO nice to have windows touch events supported natively in vvvv. I’m always very nervous in a situation where it’s not clear EXACTLY which hardware will be used and clients ask if touch is supported.

@woei if a project pops up in need of it

not a universal solution but the dx11 renderer outputs reliable touch data. still +1 for a multi touch node as I guess a lot of tablets won’t support dx11.

@u7angel: mouse nodes work fine with the MS surface pro? I wanna create a single touch application on this device but I saw this thread:

… and +1 for Windows touch events supported natively in vvvv.


touch/gestures finally shipping natively with beta>=35, see: