Multi-Touch Monitors and VVVV

Does anyone have experience with multi-touch monitors and vvvv integration? I’m thinking of building some interfaces with touch support in vvvv, but I’m keen to hear what people’s experiences are in this area before I plonk down hundreds of dollars. Can I get full 10 point multitouch data into vvvv in a way I can use reliably?

you can if it’s a windows touch, many vendors have quite poor driver support for touch, e.g. instead of touch u receive spread of mouse cursors. For instance i have HP 360 laptop with touch support, so i can get 10 touches with Touch nodes, but if i have to work with touchscreen glass i will receive like 2-3 mouse cursors and node will be Mouse (Window) instead of a Touch. So this is more a hardware related problem, i know surface from MS will most def work with touch for the rest it’s kinda trial…

Cheers. There are a few models of external monitor I’m looking into and I’ll check what their driver support is like before I do anything else. If anyone’s used specific models of external monitor and and can vouch for their touch input support, I’d love to know what they are!

Elo monitors will do such as

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