Multi threading

I know this has been discussed already, but I couldn t find it anywhere, about multi threading, is it possible to run multiple instances of vvvv ?
The point is: I have an i7 2720qm, and it is a bit sad to see vvvv running a single core at 100% and the overall CPU usage at 15%.
It would be nice to be able to run vvvv on 2 core and communicate maybe via OSC.
Other ways to use at least 2 cores?

hi io, i have this old subpatch working with process.exe . Dont remember who was very nice to contribute it.

vvvv must be renamed for a second instance running. process needs to be sided to it and to edit the arguments in the command line exe. with beta 26 there is hidden conf file to be renamed accrodingly to vvvv new name.

process needs to be authorized with antivirus et firewalls as it attempts to secure zone.


process (26.9 kB)

You can make a text file named args.txt containing the line /allowmultiple to run several instances of vvvv.

you can use SetProcessAffinityMask (Windows) to choose which core the instance is running on

If one wanted to share video from one to another instance… this would be done with shared memory?
What about framesyncing instances to avoid page tearing?

or you can disable multithreading in bios