Multi-Texturing on vvvv

can someone point me how multi-texturing in handled in vvvv? is there any object/module specifically designed with such propose?
thank you!

there is not special module/effect for that. with multi-texturing you could mean 2 things:

have one mesh, that shows different textures on different parts

in that case you need to make your mesh into subsets and then just apply a spread of textures (corresponding to those subsets) to the effect you are using to draw the mesh

combine multiple textures to one

like combining a mask and another texture in a pixelshader. in that case you write a custom pixelshader with as many textureinputs as you require (upto 15). start from the Template (EX9.Effect).

sloppy answers for now. please provide more details about your request if that wasn’t enough.

Hello Joreg, thank you for the answer.
My idea is to combine multiple textures to one so, indeed, is matter of trying out a custom made shader. can you suggest me any kind of links or resources to accomplish so?
Thank you

have you looked at the Blend shader? This would be a good place to start to make yr own.