Multi screen

Hi didnt expect this node!
But the softedege doent seem to work ie there is no softness to the edge!
Also what does sight do exactly?
I havent tried in multimonitor mode yet, only just downloaded it!
Cant wait to find all the other toys!


Multiscreen (EX9 Dualview) does not work here too - there simply is no softedge !?

But Multiscreen (EX9 Spanmode) seems to work perfect.


ok fixed that. sorry!

(change the value “ViewCountx” pin of the 2 “SoftedgeManual” nodes within the module to value: 2)

sorry: last minute name changes and sorting of modules and effects had some bad results on the functionality of some modules. i will accumulate some module fixes and put them up together in the next two ro three days.

you also found the helppatches to these modules?
took me some time to patch this stuff…



I found the helppatches and they helped a lot trying to understand the modules.

Another helppatch for ScreenNumber(EX9) might also be a great help to understand how to use this one !?

Thanks for the great version 33beta9.1 !


:) thank you!

the ScreenNumber (EX9) is really just a small helpers helper module used within the MultiScreen modules. it is responsible for the calibration lines and needed to display the numbers.

don’t pay too lot attention to this one!