Multi Mouse Intersect

hey eyeryone

i`ve played with the possibilities of the intersect node,
if i use more than one coordinates, i get false results
see appached patch (false)

that is wrong in my patch
thanks for your support

Multi Mouse Intersect.v4p (14.8 kB)

i am also very interested in a solution for this!!!



what your patch does right now is, it checks if the first line intersects the first quad, the second line intersects the second quad, the third the third and so on…

to get all intersections you have to input all quad transforms 3 times… see patch:

Multi Mouse Intersect.v4p (16.9 kB)

Tonfilm explained it very good in this post: tabulamaps

A must read for projects like these!

hehe, tonfilm,
you can do this with far less nodes.

because IOBox (Node) has a BinSize-pin you can use it like a "Select (Node) ", which doesn’t exist.

Multi Mouse Intersect(2).v4p (17.3 kB)

nice, always forget this hidden pin!

the funny thing:

i remember once talking to @west on skype about contributions from the community.

he remarked people could be afraid to contribute because of some experienced member could announce something like “well, fine, but you could have done this with only two nodes”. to be honest: he exactly said: i guess they are afraid that tonfilm says…

exactly one day later i answered some vvvvorum question and guess who suggested to reduce nodes…

hey, we know each other good enough that this is no reason to take offense!

my very best and kindest regards to you,

non taken! patching more efficient is always nice… its just something my mind enjoys…

best wishes!

hey kalle and tonfilm
thanks for your help