Multi dimensional spreads


i basicly try to convert piano midi files to
spreads of pressed keys for each clock.

i got two spreads, one with the key and another value,
that represents the time when played (simplefied)

key clock/time played

62 - 1
64 - 1
67 - 2
73 - 3
88 - 4
45 - 4
67 - 4
76 - 5

in my vision, id like to get one spread of keyes for the corrosponding time.
then i could use getslice to have those values.


1 - 62,64
2 - 67
3 - 73
4 - 88,45,67
5 - 76

i hope that is somehow explained well.


this is what Sift (Value) does… but i fear that in the case of parsing midi files it will not help you very much. the problem is that you will have events for note on and for note off. and if you feed in time to the sift node search you can easily miss some on or off events.

midi file players need to keep track of what happened in the past. this is a non-trivial task. but i don’t know what your goal is…

@beyon made a midi-file-reader, maybe it can help you…

thanks so far,

i am already using beyons midi-file-reader, and i am already
trying another approach, where i use precise on and off
events feeding an lfo. and it seems to work.

here and there i look for some knowledge into beyons patch.

and finally i am about to build a kind of a physical machine playing a piano :)

so i thought it would be handy getting midi files used for that.