Multi cpu

unfortunately i’m forced to use amd dual cpu machines with 2x 2 Ghz inside. as things look , vvvv is using only one causing severe performance drawbacks.

there is probably no solution to this problem, i just wanna know if vvvv is really just using one cpu ?


as mentioned already in some other postings only audio/video playback gains from dual core machines since the directshow part is in those cases automatically computed on the second cpu.

as far as i know, you may start a second copy of vvvv when you add /allow multiple to the args file, though. you can exchange results of computation through netsend.

right. the switch is
as one word.

thanks joreg + eno…

hope you understood i was talking about dual cpu machines, not the latest dual core cpu’s. are both architecture behaving the same in terms of direct show graph ?

oh, and cheers for pointing at /allowmultiple…although i can’t imagine using this in a boygroup setup…makes things really complecated.

i have not tested but i’d guess that they behave the same concerning directshow playbakc