Mr.wiggle.. get the coordinates of the wiggled meshes

hello beloved friends

dottore made a really nice shader.
attached are my trials with what i do like to achieve (basicly mr.wiggles-helppatch). altough i was trying hard, i didnt get too far.
i do like to get the coordinates from the mesh, transformed by the shader. i mean i only want to get the xyz-coordinates from one point of the mesh. it could be a corner, but of course i prefer the center.

since the meshes are transformed “sinoidically” they drift away from the coordinates i get from the maintransformation.
(see the red quads).
with applytransform and expr i tried to recalculate all that sine-and-cosine-stuff what the shader actually does internally. but it multiplies also some matrices from worldviewtransformation… i dont get it how to do that in a patch… or maybee there is another way to achieve this moves?
i really would be happy if somebody could have a look at it.
btw, i try to make a trail behind the agents of the swarm. i really like the moves, mr.wiggle does, but it looks stupid when the trail isnt exactly bounded to the “head”…
thanks a lot

MrWiggle_test 2.rar (25.0 kB)