MP4 movie file H264 encoded, playable in vvvv?

I am going to use movie file encoded H.264. because I think it is lite weight.
it made with AfterEffects.
so, I tried playing the movie file with FileStream nodes. but it’s not works.
FileStream VLC. looks odd. It’s red.

can’t I use H.264 movie?

Do you have the VLC player software installed in either c:/Program Files/VLC or c:/Program Files (x86)/VLC ?

If not, the easiest way would be to install VLC player.

If you must put VLC player somewhere else, you have to specify where it can be found in a file called libvlc_searchpath.txt, that can be found in your vvvv installation directory under \addonpack\lib\nodes\plugins

With VLC player installed correctly, does vvvv plays mp4 files? or other codecs required?

if it is genuine h.264 with an *.mp4 ending, simply rename to *.mpg to get FileStream (DShow9) to play it. of course you still need the codec, ffdshow is sufficient

Thank you, lovely mans! @ft)), user:metrowave, ((user:velcrome
I didn’t know what to do. it works by installing VLC Player.

Take note that h264 is small in size but in no way light on CPU on decompression.
If you care about performance there is much better alternatives like Picvideo MJPG.

thanks @Meierhans! I will think your comment, if performance would be important.