MP3 With VBR troubles

Hallo, I was making a slideshow where people can give pictures and an MP3 file that goes with it.

While testing it with my own computer, I noticed that the lenght off the song that is given to me with the Filestream Duration pin isn’t correct, I saw it was because the wrong MP3 files have a VBR (variable bit rate), so that figures. The node MP3Parser does give the correct time, so I use that now for the time countdown.

I also noticed that some files don’t play at all, or that I need a different Driver on the Audio-Out node. I can’t figure out why that is needed. (filestream Position is changing, but I don’t hear sound).

So perhaps some one knows how to fix all this, or a way to convert my MP3 files to something else that works, with a commandline or something.

Thnx for reading :)

Well, after a good night off huntimng, I downloaded the K-lite codec pack, installed ALL the audio drivers, and now the MP3 plays okay.

Still not have any idea where the trouble comes from.