Moving slices in proportion

Hi everyone,

I am currently using a Kinect to track X, Y & Z hand motions and using that to control a rope in Vvvv.

I have a linear spread on the X-Axis and a circular spread on the Y-Axis, with 100 slices each; to make a sine wave.
I have my hand movements controlling the positions of the first and last slice, but the other 98 in between remain static.

Is there a way I can change the value of each slice in proportion to the value of the first and last slices.
I want to get an effect that there is a sine wave between the hands, with the size of the sine moving in proportion to the hand movements.

If anyone can assist with this then I’d really appreciate it.
I have uploaded the patch and put IO box with Left XYZ & Right XYZ in place of where the Kinect data will come in.

Thank you

MovingWave.v4p (33.1 kB)

Like this?

MovingWave2.v4p (24.6 kB)

Wonderful, thank you so much, that’s exactly what I was after :)

I love this Vvvv community :D

Hey guys,

what about the Z-axis in this patch? Can’t seem to figure out how to translate, and scale it proportionally in 3D.


well add a camera with perspective and change 2d transforms on 3d transforms, then post ur patch here if u need more help

Thanks for the fast response antokhio!

The problem is that Points2Vector node is 2D and it doesn’t have any Z-axis input pins. I need the wave to follow both ends independently. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Modified MovingWave2D (25.5 kB)

there is: points2vector-(3d-vector) you can use

I’ve tried with points2vector-(3d-vector) but can’t seem to connect it right. Can you please help me with it?

sry the patch showing only black window here…

hmmm, not sure what could be the problem.

I’m using the 32bit 21-jul-15 build of vvvv but works fine on the 64bit also.


… no text …

callmenames.v4p (26.2 kB)

Thanks a lot for the patch antokhio!

I managed to get the Z-axis with the Select(Value) node but I still can’t figure out how to change individual Pitch, Yaw & Roll values for the beginning/end points of the wave, so it alters it.

I’m using B-Spline Helper Texture output for the line as it gives me a good and smooth 3D view unlike the Quad or Line.

Wave3.2.v4p (29.7 kB)