Moving over sphere(Earth) - Great circle route?


huh, haven’t been here for a while, it seems. This place looks different :)

Now: I want to move between two points on a sphere, taking the Great Circle Route (shortest possible distance)
While I can think of a couple of ways to do this, I want to be able to just put coords for origin and destination and be done with it. And this has me stumped for a while now.


well, why don’t u specify your cords in radians and use damper cyclic or something similliar

Hi Purf,
Allow me to suggest you a nice article with a live Google map, where you 'll be able to move two waypoints and see the Great Circle and Rhumb Line in action.
Please follow this link: Great circle or rhumb line
I hope I helped a little…

If I understand you correctly - you want to be able to move on the surface of a sphere, between two points

If so, look into slerp (spherical lerp)

linear interpolate two xyz points on sphere, normalize, multiply by radius

@id144 - This will work but wont be ‘constant speed’

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