Moving mouse webcam

hi again
I would need another suggestion
I attach a patch that moves the cursor of windows with the webcam.
how do I make to follow the alone cursor to the blobs 1 and not the others?
thanks still.

muove mouse2.v4p (11.6 kB)

Not sure, can’t test it, but I think you need to use 2 getslice nodes for the X and Y.

thanks thousand for the suggestion.
with getslice (nodes) it didn’t work.
but with getslice (spreads) it works, but not well.
when the blobs are so many more than 6,7 he confuses.
however for what I have to perhaps do it is all right.
thanks again.

Your Values that come from the Contour are a Spread (when it is more than one :) )
Could be helpfull to follow the basic tutorials.

You need to know what blob you want to use to track the mouse, and the contour node also has a Pin to show unique ID’s, so set that to 1 and off you go…

youre talking bout the “contour”-node for tracking?

I have resolved partly changing block and using, camShiftTracker.
it follows only a select tonality.
now I would have another question:
how can I apply an image of background to the block renderer(EX9)?
thanks still for the jewels suggestions

how can I apply an image of background to the renderer(EX9) node?

you can take the Preview out of the VideoInput → VideoTexture → Quad (EX9) → Group (EX9) → Renderer (EX9)

connect a Transform (2d) to the Quad and set scaling to 2

all has perfectly worked.
thanks thousand for the suggestions.