Moving camera POV

Ahoj everyone!
I just want to move the camera inside the frame… a simple example: this is what I have

this is what I want:

but without rotate or move the scene, only moving the (or apply some transformation) the camera.
It’s possible?

cameraquestion.v4p (4.3 kB)

don’t know if this is what you are looking for, but could be a starting point.

cameraquestion - 001.v4p (7.4 kB)

crash was faster.
here’s another one.

cameraquestion2.v4p (6.6 kB)

Thanks a lot. But… in both solution (as well as in my example) Vanishing point ( is in the center of the render. It is possible to move that in other position?

you could try to add a rotation or lookat after translate.

cameraquestion3.v4p (11.2 kB)

… no text …

cameraquestion_crop.v4p (6.7 kB)