Mouswheel on Mouse (System Global) not global?


I tried using the mouswheel of Mouse (System Global), but unlike all other outputs, the mousewheel seems not to work global.

For example I can do a left click wherever I wan’t and the Mouse Node will receive that click.
But for the Mousewheel I have to move the Cursor of Mouse (System Global) inside a Render Window.
Whithout a Renderwindow it is not working at all.

Seems to be a Bug?

simple mouse system global demo (2.8 kB)

i am afraid we’re not aware of a way to intercept the mousewheel globally. we had a mousehook installed previously (which we had to remove due to frequent freezes since win7) but iirc even with that low level hook the wheel was not interceptable…

probably possible with something like directinput-(devices) ?!