Mouse's UV position on mesh's texture

Hi there

I’ve been banging my head against the wall for a few days now trying to get this to work with no luck.

Iv’e got a model with a texture mapped onto it in a renderer with a camera orbiting it slowly.
What i want to do, is get the position on the texture being mapped to the model underneath the mouse position.

Ive tried to use the intersect node but my problem is that it a) projects to the vanishing point, giving me a slightly distorted position on the mesh and b) that it doesn’t really give me the texture coordinates.

This seems like quite a common thing to do but I cant seem to find any precedent.

Thanks a mill

try this contribution:


You need a proper UV mapping for it to work across a more complex model like your car.


I knew i was banging my head on the wall for nothing!