Mouse Tracking in a Picture with two Layers


I am new here and to v4 … and I have a Question … at first. It is about Mouse - Tracking in x and y Space.

having a hard time understanding your question. what do you mean with tracking? do you want to see a mouse cursor? do you want to click/move the layer by mouse? can you rephrase and ask more specific what you want to do, what you tried so far and what problem you encounter?

Oh Hello,

sorry, for the misunderstanding. Ok … I have an Image. It is in two Parts. One Part is a Square in a grey Colour. The second Part is an Eyeball in that Square. The Background is the grey Square, in the Middle the Eyeball.
And with the Mouse cursor, I need to move the Eyeball to the left, right, up and down. In a Patch … I have these Nodes … Map, Transform, Group, FileTexture, Quad, Renderer …

I hope you can follow me now.

Thank You!!!

You better upload your patch

Hello, I think that is the Solution … To move an Objekt with the Mouse cursor … I must use a Mouse Devices Window and a Vector Node.

Please see the patch for an example how to drag a quad with the mouse. I suggest you look also at the help patches of the nodes involved, framedalay in particular which is a bit more advanced concept in vvvv. Hope it gets you started with your project. Cheers

drag_quad.v4p (19.5 KB)



thank you, … !!

My Way to solve the Problem works very well … for me … but this Patch looks very interesting … for an alternative Way … very useful.

Since i wondered how to do this in the new gamma…
Thats what i came up with using skia.

drag_object.vl (16.9 KB)

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