Mouse (system Windows) is not in the list

I just started with vvvv and I was doing pretty well with the tutorials… until I had to pick the component “mouse (System Windows)”, that doesn’t exist in my list.
I try to search in the forum if someone had already that problem but I didn’t find anything …
In my list (when I double left click in the canvas), I just see “mouse(Device Windows)” and “mouse(Device System)”.

I installed the addons and copy the folder in the vvvv directory. I also tried to copy each file in the addons folder into the basic libraries that come with vvvv, but without success.
I reinstalled vvvv but the same problem continues.

I have the 45beta vvvv installed and the 45beta addons.

Can somebody give me a hint or an idea why this is happening ?


hey gbouron,

sorry for the confusion. Mouse (Devices Window) is simply the new name of the node. so you can simply use that one now. can you point to the tutorial that had this old node mentioned?


Thanks a lot for the quick answer ! :)! It is on tutorial 12 (x,y coordinates). How can I access with an ioBox the Xposition?
(This new component seems to have x and y values in the same outpin, and I didn’t manage to access each item separately).

Thanks again! :)

Hi gbouron,
use Vector (2d Split), or as a shorthand middleclick on the XY Output of the Mouse Node and have vvvv create this Split for your.


Thanks a lot!