Mouse (System Window) MouseWheel

opposite to the x,y-outlets the MouseWheel outlet only evaluates if the Renderers Window is “active” or “on Top”.

x,y also evaluate if the renderers window is just hovered.

for the reason that it seems to be a good moment now:
a short reminder here.

and also a reason to remind adding that mousewheel outlet to Mouse (System) Global.
i sometimes missed it there…

btw: thx for your open ears!!

the “ID in ParentPatch” pin on Self (VVVV) causes a flood of modules that will really burn your socks off.
hope i can finish that whole stuff till “notzi”…

reminder for beta 17.x

qouting the newest info from Mouse (System Global) by gregsn:

the button output pins retrieve a value of 2 if it was a double click on that button.

recognizing dubble clcs wasn’t a problem at all before.

hopefully this doesn’t puzzle all our modules and patches!

i am really, really afraid of this.

didn’t change anything. it was like that always