Mouse RAW and Cycle Mode


I am working with several Mice connected to one computer, which is done Mouse(Devices Desktop).
Unfortunenately the Cycle ModePin does not work as expected in RAW Mode. The Values are allways clamped to 1/-1 when the cursor reaches the desktop border. Any idea how to change that?
Ideally I would like the values change incremental without clamping, because all I am looking for is the delta for xy of each input.

(Working with: Windows 8 64Bit / vvvv 45beta34.2 x86)

As there is noc solution to this issue it is probably a bug, as the system behaves different as expected (no cycle / cylcle incremental mode available) - is it solvebal in the source code?

fixed in alphas now thanks to a PR by microdee: