Mouse Nodes Click with IR HID TouchDevice not working properly

Since the update-to-mouse-keyboard-nodes we have issues with a correct click output when working with IR TouchScreens over HID

In our case: Samsung Overlay Module TM32LBC
Hardware ID on Device Manager =

While draging works fine, a simple click is a correct click in the OS but not on the Mouse (System global)

i guess some clicks get through though?
would it be possible in this scenario to switch to the Mouse (System Window)? if yes, we could extend that one by a new pin similar to the network nodes with modes “discard” (default), “queue” and “spread”. using queue or spread mode all messages would at least get through, either in one frame (spread) or delayed in a few frames (queue).
in the window versions of mouse/keyboard, we have access to the window messages (windows calls us whenever something happens). to do the same in the global versions requires global hooks, something we removed for a reason.

actually no click comes trough. it only outputs a left click while dragging. same behaviour with [Mouse (System Window](
Yes we can switch to the Window Mouse version.