Mouse (Device) & MouseState (Split) isn't releasing buttons if you enable or disable Mouse

Hi, there is a bit of logical problem regarding Mouse (Device) and all the downstream nodes like MouseState (Split), Sooo:
If u disable mouse while key is pressed for instance Left Button, the Mouse will keep it pressed unless you press same button again, even if key isn’t pressed anymore and mouse re-enabled.

I did a quick workaround by replacing mouse with an empty state while it disabled, however there are quite few modules to upgrade in vvvv with that fix.

I think correct behavior should be: if u press a key and disable mouse it keeps it pressed, but when it is re-enabled it should get the correct state of the mouse, so that’s a bug.

But what i want is actually have 0 on all pressed pin’s of mouse, as soon as mouse is disabled. So that makes me think that we need to add this option somewhere like discard or keep, or to make an separate split node with enable pin, or just change current behavior to a new one (doubt it will break someone’s logic since there is no one would like to have 1 somewhere after mouse is disabled)

thx, tracked.

Mouse nodes will emit a new device lost notification so downstream sinks can react accordingly and reset their state. Thanks for the report, fixed in upcomig.

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