Mouse coordinates issue while pressing button

Hi Devvvs,

i don´t know if it is a known problem,
while i press the right or left mouse button and move the pointer along the render window, the xy mouse coordinates are not right mapped, and it displays values smaller than -1 in booth axis.

A workaround is limiting the values to -1,1.



I think in some cases that can be pretty useful- for example if you are dragging a rotary dial in a render window. It’s mapped correctly over the renderer right? is it just when you go outside with the button held?

Hey everyone,
bug, feature… what a dilemma ;)
yes it could be useful if it happens in both directions on every axis, but the up and right sides are correctly mapped (1,1).

Anyway it isn´t too bad


hei lasal,

i tried with Renderer (EX9) (and its x, y outputs) and Mouse (System Window) and behaviour is as designed: values are not clamped to -1/1 in both directions, both axis.
so please more details/a patch to reproduce your problem.

Hey Joreg,

just check this awesome patch, the behavior is different between full-screen and window mode.

is it right that the values are not clamped to -1/1?


Mouse Window Bug.v4p (4.1 kB)

mkay, still i see both axis, both directions show consistent behaviour. and yes, fullscreen is clamped to -1/1, window not. i’d still leave it like that as you can easily clamp yourself as you already mentioned.

also note: Mouse (System Globla) has a Cycle Mode which allows you to choose different behaviour even for fullscreen.