Motion tracking system with markers

I’ve got here a full Optitrack system with 6 cameras and suites with markers. I’ve been asked about the possibility to prepare an in house system or open source system for body tracking… Openmocap seems to be dead, is there anything in vvvv to get me started? (OpenCV maybe?)
Cameras are the v100 rs models.

Hey Simone,
we have been using OptiTrack alongside the old Tracking Tools in the past and were using its streaming capabilities. We basically used a .net plugin example for their NatNet protocol which came with the SDK and wrapped it in a node.
This has been pretty easy, haven’t tried it for ages and don’t have any experience with the new Motive Software, but should be the same.
That’s how I suggest you go about interfacing them. Run Motive in the background and stream to vvvv.

Hi, the whole point is NOT to use Motive software, it is a University project and they would like to get free of strictly proprietary software… maybe it is time for me to start learning how to write plugins? Sounds a bit daunting …

Hallo @readme would you share your old node for the Arena Natnet streaming? We are not using Motive as our system is not compatible I believe.