Motion blur on x-files

hi all

small question:
I have more xfiles on a giraud-directional (or something like that)on a group and I want to get a motionblur on one of those x-files, is that possible?

I tried to use the motionblur-patches by tonfilm but that only works on the quad and not directly on the xfile

can someone help me out?



tonfilm motion blur works on xfiles. please attach your implementation of the motionblur on your xfile and let us find the issue.

excuse me, I think it works but I probably did not yet found out hou! :-)

here it is, i pasted tonfilms patch into my own

note that the motionblur only should be added to one of the xfiles on the left group, not on both

couldnt get it to work

halvewaarheidmotionblur.v4p (55.8 kB)

try this

halvewaarheidmotionblur-2.v4p (42.3 kB)


thnx xd-nitro

this kinda works, got the motionblur on the xfiles!

but the trouble is now that I have a renderer with two layers with different x-files, and I want the second layer to have motionblur and the firstlayer up front to be sharp, so I cannot set my renderer-clean to 0 because then everything blurs

you also know the answer to that one?

that’ll help me out a lot

thnx ahead!!



yeah possible.

halvewaarheidmotionblur-3.v4p (30.3 kB)

no problem. you can combine the two but you’d need to make sure the one you want sharp is draw on top of the motion blurred layer, and make sure the sharp layer has transparency as it’s background.

halvewaarheidmotionblur-3.v4p (30.3 kB)

ok that also works, thank you!
but I have another problem
the combined renderer loses a lot of quality, it is really low-pix like this, I think that is because of de dx9textue, is there away to patcharound that?
so I could have my 2 xfiles, one sharp, one motionblurred and both high quality when full screen

excuse me for all of these probably stupid questions but I am trying to work this out!

again thanks for your help xd-nitro!!



did you already try to set Backbuffer width and height of your pre-renderers to higher resolution?

hi kalle

thank you!

that made it work!