Morph a grid of pillows into a cube


I am struggling with finding a node that would allow me to morph, or even rather multiply a grid of pillows, as shown in the file attached, into a cube, so as the three planes will be visible to the spectator. Does anyone have a guess how to solve this?

Also, I don’t need other 3 planes to exist, because the imagine won’t rotate. And the pillow’ textures are videos.


You can use InputMorph for your positions.
However you still need to build the three planes of your cube yourself by using Cons 3d and the respective value distribution for your three panes (via cross (2d) node )

Make sure to have same spread count for both your single plane and the three planes that resample the cube.

The concerptional problem you will have is that the pillows will fly straight to theire new positions when fading between the shapes.

Does that bring you further?

Hi tekcor!

Thanks for the advice, but i was forced (timewise, not because your wouldn’t work) to find another way, that is with a DX9 texture node and used the first rendere as a cube texture in another.

Thanks anyways!

Cool, thats a good solution anyway :)

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