More UDP questions

hi all

a question about udp.
can I also send more then one data-strings at once with the udp nodes?
I need to send like 6 of more data-strings at the same time, is that possible

thanx in advance


of course.

the question is: do 6 messages need to go to different ports/ips?
if so, it is just about spreading the inputs right.

if they all go to the same ip/port then just concatenate them in a way the receiver can decode them.

no 6 messages to 1 ip, I try to get data from a contourtracker to another ip, how can i concentrate that data, is there a node for it, I use an asstring node now, but that has only one stream of data

ow and another question, can i also, at the same time send data back to the first IP?

usually you would want to use OSC for such tasks, if your receiver can deal with that. what application will receive the data?

have a look at the OSCEncoder/Decoder nodes. with them you can send and receive spreads of data easily.

of course you can make your receiver also send back data, preferrably on a different port.