More than one virtual camera

Hey guys,

Is there a way to have more than one virtual camera attached to the renderer?
And switch between them in real time?



lol switch transform is just for that

hmmm… oh is it?
but I need to connect both view transform and view projection on the renderer right? Do I need to use more than one switch…?

Also, second question, is there a way to display both video inputs at the same time? Besically one, and the second one on top with transparency?



set alpha on the quad receiving the video + group

Sorry I meant input from the virtual cameras, not video.

Is there a way to have two virtual cameras and display what they see at the same time?



helo doros,

you can simply spread the View and Projection inputs on a Renderer (EX9). to draw the same scene twice only from different perspectives.

that doesn’t much sense typically thats why a spreaded view/projection is typically used with multiple viewports next to each other. and it won’t give you transparency.

for that you’d rather render your scene to 2 different DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) and in an extra renderer combine those with transparent quads…

Hi Joreg,

Thanks for your reply?
Would a simple example scene from anyone be too much to ask?

Kind of newbie and I still haven’t grasp how everything works…


i’d rather prefer you try your homework yourself first and then show us your patch describing the specific problem you are facing…

Hi Joreg,

ok I finally got most of it working, but for some reason my textures get messed up in the second render window. If you look at the corresponding models in the attached picture you can see what I mean.

Any idea why?

Patch is also attached. I am not including animation/models since it will be too large. I can email/upload if needed.



Band4.v4p (159.2 kB)

Dorosp im verry instrested in how you imported those models,
can you upload at least one mesh ?

and regarding the topic, is this wrong ?

cam.v4p (15.7 kB)

Hi vjc4,

Thank for ur patch, I will study it now.
I have attached for u two meshes, one animated one and the instrument.

It is also the one with the most texture deformation, so can u please let me know if u get the same problems as well when u test it?


Doros (1.2 MB)

do me a favor, put the render windoes inside the patch ( alt+2 ), im on 1680x1050 now, and leave the tga in the zip file

done… no text … (1.7 MB)

probably the only thing you’re missing is the depthbuffer on the first (left) renderer. on the second you have it set correctly.

also do yourself a favor and learn about subpatches and spreads

anda…a hint:
instead of the 4 timeliners and all the stuff you used around them i’d go with one spreaded LFO. that should get you rid of about 80% of all nodes in your patch… (which is of course just a wildly exaggerated guess that is only supposed to trigger your interest for spreads).

Thanks joreg both for the solution (works great now) and the advice.