More shifting of spreads

Hi guys,

I am trying to do what appears to be a sort of a complicated shift/value replace in a spread.

Everything is carefully explained in the patch, but what I am trying to achieve is :

While the spread is shifting, keep replacing some values with new ones.
The “input stream” must remain in the same position though. Kind of hard to explain, I hope the demo patch of how much I have done does a better job at it.

Please tell me if is not clear, I will make another attempt to explain.



ShiftTheSpread.v4p (29.0 kB)

Anyone got any ideas?

I looked at it and did not understand what it is you want to achieve, can you explain in some other words what you want to do?

The random numbers that are inserted into the spread (through setslice) I want them to be copied into the spread/replace whatever numbers are currently in those positions and get shifted along with the rest of the spread.

Currently are just set on that position and then disappear as soon as a new set of numbers are generated.

Does this help you to understand a bit more or?

Have you checked out store (spreads) ?

Don’t you just need a framedelay and an S+H? So you can feed back your created spread (use framedelay) and store it (use S+H) so you can use the new generated spread again.