More or less complex patch with deNiro


im having problems with some framedelayed patch
the basic idea is to have deNiro running forever which is been done by adding framedelayed +1 to the goPosition pin
but sometimes i want deNiro to go to a certain position

the patch works but not really
sometimes the is the NOInput thing and if its in there the whole thing stops working

when you unplug the input pin from deNiro and just give it some destination, then it starts going and working

but as soon as you safe the NOinput thing comes back

maybe someOne likes to check the patch

im open for better solutions


your patch looks indeed complicated, could you describe more precise, whats your goal? there might be a simpler solution…

thank you for your reply … im really kinda wainting for it cause im stuck with it

the basic idea is to have a smooth movement where you can control the speed and accelaration (thats why deNiro)
deNiro usually wants to go to a certain position that is what i need, but i also need a “never ending movement in some direction”
thats why i “hacked” deNiro with the frame delay, just to keep it going + or - forever

so what i want is something that:

  • moves smooth
  • has accelaration & velocity control
  • can just move forever (translate - or +)
  • and can move to a certain position and stop (and be ready to keep moving again)

thats kinda what i wanted to build

did it help to make that patch more clear?

thanks so far


you don’t need to hack deniro. he has an acceleration mode already.

you can any time switch the mode. this is done over the pin “Select Input”


  • “Input” and robert ;) drives to certain place
  • “Velocity” and he will accelerate until he reaches the desired speed
  • “Acceleration” and he will accelerate or brake (if the value is negative)

just have a look at that patch and keep asking…

deniro tester.v4p (16.1 kB)

had a quick look on it and i guess
thats it!!!

thank you million times!!!


nice patch also