More options on selection in GUI

This is a very long time wanted feature and really I don’t know why i didn’t posted yet. stupid.

Would be nice to have more option on the way GUI elements selection works.

if you drag into patch you select both nodes and links.
there could be a mode in which you can select just nodes.
The node selection mode could be activated by pressing a key during selection.

This feature is so useful when you want to delete some nodes in a patch where there are many links crossing behind without breaking everything.


oh yes! me 2!

yeah, obvious +1 :)

good point

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+1… no text …

Useful feature! +1


so here is the new selection behavior to test in latest alphas:

  • if nodes and links are in a selection only nodes are selected
  • if only links are in a selection they are selected
  • pressing ctrl selects both links and nodes (old default)
  • pressing shift only selects links

please report.

bunch of nodes with connections;
if you repeat twice a selection (without deselecting by pressing mouse left in patch) , the second one seems to be influenced by the status of the previous

if the node is entirely or just partially inside the selection, seems to influence the bug behaviour.

indeed. fixed that. please check again.