More info about Audio EQ's

I want to create a beat detector that reacts on Base/kick/drum. (the lower Frequenties)

The Beatdetector by Tonfilm uses RMS (DShow9) , which gives, if I am not wrong, an output based on the total ‘power’ of the music, takes the average off the total frequentie spectrum.

I also discovered there is a node called FFT (DShow9) , claims to give a spread based on the frequentie. I looked at the help file, listened to my music, but still have not figured out how I can use it.

Are there any Audio Analyse Nodes I missed?

Is there any one who did something usefull with FFT (DShow9) and is willing to share it with me?

Thnx already!!

if you download the current beatdetector patch, there should be a module called FFT4Channels included. it uses the FFT to mix the audio into 4 frequency channels. have a look at it …

Tonfilm saves my day again :)

I saw this Module before (beta8?), but that was before I understood anything about VVVV.

I think this will work now, at least the ‘bars’ seem to move to the music correctly this time. And I am only intersted in the ‘BANG’, because that will trigger the next step in my Chaser (Kyle helped me with that)

Thanx for the quick help! And you will be mentioned on my Wiki Page ;)