Moon sun node bug


I compared the results of moon sun node to sun rise and set and moon rise and set data in the internet, and for europe it seems ok but austalia or canada I get not the results I would expect.
any hints on that ?
seems that there is something wrong, for osaka japan I would enter 34.78 north and 135.45 east if I change the time in my system the elevation of sun and moon are far away from the setting and rise times in the internet.
same with other cities.
any help appreciated,

can it be vvvv or these nodes take gmt+1 timezone as a basis for calculation and you have to enter the offset in the system, then it seems to work, haven’t tested to much but looks better now

gmt is what i somehow expected. on the other hand gmt+1 doesnt really make sense (although i have to admit its the timezone of the devs) - it might be some quirk with the windows daylight saving options.
one day i will look into this…