Monoflop buffer

i’m looking for some sort of monoflop buffer. if the monoflop is retriggered while being set to 1 by an earlier bang, than a spread is added…

oh dear, sounds complicated. check the patch. particle plugin does the job but is too cpu expensive.

maybe some framedelay wizard can help…i’m lost…

monoflop_buffer.v4p (5.6 kB)

There isn’t a monoflop in your patch ;)

Something like this, in metacode?:
If the monoflop is triggered we get a 1, and if the monoflop is retriggered, we increase the spreadcount with 1 slice.
If the monoflop is not triggered, or finished, we reset the spreadcount to 0.

Not sure where your spreads come from, so can’t add that.

monoflop_buffer2.v4p (10.6 kB)

sorry, i didn’t describe the problem well enough. the behaviour of the particle node is exactly what i want. but without the particle because it’s too cpu intensive…

its some combination of framedelay, monoflop and decay. i just added something with doesnt buffer but is the basis of what i want to achieve.

you get me now ?

monoflop_buffer3.v4p (8.5 kB)

dont know if thats faster as the particles, you have to test:

monoflop_buffer4.v4p (16.5 kB)

nice one tonfilm,

i came up with two solutions in the meantime…one with ringbuffer and a ‘selecting’ the dead ones out of the spread. and the other one looks very similar to your right solution. but not as elegant.

cheers man.

I had a need to create objects corresponding to musical notes received via OSC, and expanded on monoflop_buffer a bit. I created two nodes, MonoBuf and MonoData (perhaps bad names in the long run) that allow not just the creation of spread slices of a specified lifetime, but also an arbitrary number of parallel spreads with associated data. So in my case, I use the note duration as the lifetime, and store things such as pitch, pan position, volume, etc. to use for corresponding visual objects.

There’s probably a way to make this more integrated/elegant, but this got the job done for me. Give me some feedback on proper naming and packaging (this is my first give-back to the vvvv community), and I’ll post it in contributions if it seems worthwhile.

Thanks and enjoy! (4.3 kB)

OK, should’ve tested that zip. Seems my choice in naming the help file was a bad one, plus some odd paths got saved. Try this one.

Cheers! (4.3 kB)