Mono mixdown

hi all,

is there a simple windows solution to do a mono mixdown of the windows audio - outside vvvv?


what do you mean by mono mixdown? do you want to record the audio into a mono audio file? or do you want to have everything on one channel? in the latter case you can just use the pan to put everything on one side, this mixes both channels into one…

i need to play back videos, but they are uploaded through a web backend - so I want to use vlc for compatibility reasons. checking the container format is not the problem, it’s the codecs inside.

or would you suggest installing a direct show codec pack and using filestream?

panning in windows just mutes one channel, so i was thinking about a simple program that performs a mono mixdown on all windows audio.

btw i got myself a xiaomi too. nice and good value, if you’re not the fairphone type ;) hope to see you again at schmiede !

you can use ffmpeg with shell…
there are several dotnet wrapper too, which let you use ffmpeg in c# plugins on an other thread (won’t block vvvv)

I would like to avoid transcoding if possible. but yes, this is my fallback plan.

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