MonitorPower (System) not turning on monitors again


Hi All

I am using Beta36 and I would like to use MonitorPower (System) to turn on and off projectors.

It works fine for turning off the monitor/projector output, but when I want to turn it on again, it flashes on for a brief moment and then goes out again. The moment I move the mouse, I get a nice image again.

I have tested this with betas 33.7, 34.2 and 35.8 and get the same behavior. I suspect that it has something to do with a recent windows update.

Any ideas or fixed?

try for yourself: MonitorPowerBug.v4p (5.8 KB)

PS. There is no network connection to the projectors, so PJ-link is not an option.


This is a workarround

MonitorPowerBugFix.v4p (9.7 KB)


Ah, clever workaround @andresc4 :)