Monacor 510 / DMX General


after reading all the dmx related posts, i’ve come to the conclusion that only dmx interfaces providing the dashard.dll are suitable for vvvv. is this true, or i am on the wrong path?

what a pitty…i want to use the monacor/stageline 510usb interface with vvvv. but this don’t come with the dashard.dll.

does anybody know a work around for that? maybe a little vb programm reading vvvv’s udp output and sending this directly to the dmx interface?

thanks for ur help…


I didn’t find much info about the Stage Line DMX-510USB, but it seems like the DMX thingy only works with its own software, did you manage to get it to work on any other light software? Can it be controlled using VB? The vvvv-vb-dmx way could cause some performance issues.

DMX and VVVV, well, I used an Artnet-DMX conconverter, works prety sweet.

Also there are some USB DMX-devices that can be controlled like it was conected to a Com-Port (virtual com-port, RS232) so you can controll it via the RS232-node. (DMX4All, EnttecPro). Means just send converted text-strings.

The Stageline DMX510 USB also works in some other light software. So far I only tested it in DMX Control, and it works.

The DMX510 USB comes with a dll for vb and a simple code example. Thats my only hope in the moment. Actually I try to write a little vb program which scans udp and gives the information directly to the DMX Interface.
I hope there aren’t too much performance issues, I have to control 150 lights. So far, vvvv sends the 150 different values over udp to my vb program and I don’t see any latency…but I still have to figure out to send this to DMX…

I’m in a big hurry so I can’t change my DMX Interface, this all has to work in 2 weeks. But I think this could work…

I will post the results…