ModulesImprovement for the next betas

some of the distibuted modules have some slight disadvantages.
some have pinnamings far from any convention
some even don’t work because they remain from that times with renderpasses…

let’s collect improved modules in this thread.

if the devvvvs like this idea they might want to include these in upcoming versions of vvvv?!?

so as a first one

Camera (Transform Softimage)

basically a fine module it is somehow annoying that you loose your view everytime you press “R”.

in this alternative version:
*you need to keep R pressed for 1 second to reset the camera. also you can modify the initial postion now until the cam is moved again.
*use MouseWheel to move the dolly really dynamical.

Camera (Transform Softimage 2.0).zip (10.31 Kb)

please feel free to make further improvements!

the devvvs like the idea.

i will take care of that. so i’ll check all the modules in this thread and include the improved versions in the release. however i will take the chance of hacking (if i feel like) around when looking at the improved modules.

if you changed any pinnamings i would like you to specify them here or even better in a xml-snipped, which i will include in the difff.xml. however if you don’t understand what’s going on in there, then please just report here

  • what pinnames have changed,
  • which pins are new and
  • which pins are gone.

if the “parameterization” (pins & their meaning) has changed it would be also nice to have a legacy module, which replaces old versions of that patch with a new patch simulating the old behaviour. however if you don’t know you to do that, please just report here

  • that behaviour has changed

thank you kalle for your energy,
so the module, which initiated the development of the IOBox (Node) , will be updated in the next release,

but would it be better to have inputs for initial

at least it would be easier to replace the old version. we wouldn’t need a legacy module which takes care of the “Ininitial Distance” pin in the old camera module. initial pitch and yaw would just integrate fine with the existing initial distance…

can you maybe try to optimize the performance a little?
the new one has about 18 ticks and the old one 12 in debug mode. as the camera is almost everywhere, its worth a try…

so any other opinions?

or should i just specify in cartesian or polar coordinates like i think it should be?

anything else?

kalle, did you have a look at the performance issue or should i dig into it?

pitch/yaw/distance sound nice as inputs, especially if you could override it with the conventional mouse movement.
e.g. have your view circle around at a leisurely pace, then sometimes override it with the mouse, then it goes back again to the old circling. is this what you mean?

performance is very important imho, i found myself replacing the camera with a self-patched (automated) rotate, translate,… chain because it was very much faster…

or should i dig into it?

sorry, busy

coming soon:

  • excluded the mouse wheel feature for now (performance reasons)
  • Inputs
    ** Initial Interest (new)
    ** Initial Pitch (new)
    ** Initial Yaw (new)
    ** Initial Distance
    ** Initial FOV (new)
  • reset Camera via Key “r”, hold for 20 frames