Modules missed?


I´m new in vvvv,
since i´ve updated to the 4.18 version there are some modules missing, They show in the vvvv tree but when i open one of them, this appears empty.
I didn´t move the modules folder.

I don´t know it´s a bug or not.

Does any good person know the rigth way to update vvvv, or fix it?

Thanks a lot, and sorry for my shitty english. ;P

Nobody knows about that?


Which modules?

Only the users modules, the kalle stuff, jianzhi, reindexed geometry mesh, etc, not the vvvv ones.

Thanks catweasel.

how did you update?
did you overwrite your previous vvvv folder with the new files, or did you create a new one? if so, you’d have to copy your modules over to the new folder so that they can be found … if not, i don’t know if there might be some conflicts arising from just ‘running over’ a previous version with new files ;)
i’ve never heard of modules showing up in the list that are not really present, but maybe the uninstall.exe can clean things up & solve that problem.

Hello Diki!
I´ve overwrite my previous vvvv folder, and the users modules are in the same location.
the problem is when i want open one of them in the vvvv tree (they appear in it), it shows empty, and with the rigth info text about its location (?¿?¿?)

The uninstall metod don´t resolve it, and i´ve delete all and reinstall, with the same results.

it´s weird? or is it a bug?

my computer runs well

thanks a lot ;D

sorry for my limited english, i want to be more precise

Its definately weird!
I usually keep the previous vvvv version on my drive, in case I have to go back to an old patch that might need updating for newer versions, then copy my user modules in and everythings fine, can’t help Im afraid!


Thanks Catweasel.
I´m going to try other way to fix it :P