Module shows up in NodeList but not in NodeBrowser

Why such thing can happen?

Which one?
If it is one of yours, is it possible that it has no space between name and category, for example?

one of mine, no space in name, one Category and one Version separated by a space as usual.

I’m out of hints, then.
Best wishes.

where’d you put the module? note that you cannot put it in /vvvv… only in a private directory referenced via root.

i put it in packs with a path %VVVV%\packs\mypack\nodes\Modules\MyModule (Category Version).v4p, it shows up in NodeList’s output but not in nodebrowser

thats odd. can you provide that pack as a download so we can check?

The most trivial thing that comes to my mind: did you perhaps filter out your module(s), un-checking something through nodebrowser’s F tab?

@h99: daaamn checking right away…
… nope every category is checked
@joreg: this is it:

so i downloaded the .zip from github, put its content into
start up and find all of the plugs, modules, effects in the nodebrowser. just as i’d expect.

then i have no idea what can be wrong here :(

anybody else?

Here working fine.

@microdee: once opened AutoExpr (VVVV) from explorer, TTY says:

00:04:47  *  : XPath : -1072898028 on line 1:415 >>> In base a quanto definito nella DTD o nello schema, il contenuto dell'elemento non è valido.

Which should sound like:

According to what defined in the DTD or schema, the element content is not valid.

Different TTY message with AvoidNil (Transform).

strange i removed AutoExpr (VVVV) and now everything is in order…

could that change anything that i had the AutoExpr (VVVV) in root?

what do you mean ‘i had it in root’?